Anti-Virus and SPAM filter. 1

Website to review and release email 1

Register new user. 2

Manage your SPAM... 2

Delegate access to your email 3

Distribution Groups. 4

Support from NetKeepers. 4



Anti-Virus and SPAM filter

Each day at 6:00 AM EST, a daily summary will be sent to your email address, with the last 24 hours of email that appears to be spam or virus and that has therefore been trapped by the email filters.

You are able to manage your trapped email by going to the following URL:  If you are having difficulty with your IE browser to manage trapped mail, please add to the Compatibility View (Select Tools, Compatibility View settings, ADD

Website to review and release email

Please go to the web link  You will see the following login screen, if you are a first time user then click on Register new user or click on Forgot your password to conduct automated password recover.


Register new user


You will receive an email with a password, then go back again to the web link and login with your email address and password.


Manage your SPAM

Once logged in, you will be at the main Home page which will allow you to manage current SPAM that has been held, by either Unblocking (this will deliver blocked message to your mailbox), Blocking them (Do not add address to Block Senders as the spam has already been blocked).


Delegate access to your email

You can also manage who else can see your SPAM by adding their email address to the Delegates section.



Distribution Groups

If you belong to a distribution group and/or have aliases please add them to this area so you will be able to receive SPAM digests for emails that are not just your primary email address



Support from NetKeepers

This is a self-managed system meaning that you can manage your email directly from the web browser, however if you still need support from NetKeepers, follow the standard procedures as follows:

1.       Send email to and describe the issue you are having.

2.       Phone 905-307-5165 and create a ticket with the agent.  Please note the agent is a non-technical resource and can only create the ticket for you, a representative from NetKeepers will contact you after the ticket has been created.